Our Mission

Our mission at Corsair Coffee is to provide our customers with nothing less than the best coffee available anywhere in the world and to carry our values of quality and perfection throughout every aspect of our business.

Core Values

Simply put we are committed to quality. When it comes to coffee we work very hard to source the finest coffees from the best farmers around the world. We roast each coffee type to its peak flavor profile in small batches and strictly adhere to the highest quality standards. Approaching fanaticism we are passionate about freshness roasting coffee only after our customers have placed their orders and then shipping it within 24 hours so they will receive it at the pinnacle of freshness. It is a great devotion to quality that drive us to develop a roast profile for each coffee we bring into our facility that will make each coffee taste its best and then we strictly adhering to that profile to insure consistency.

We are driven by education and new discoveries in coffee brewing and roasting techniques. Because quality does not happen by chance we relentlessly peruse new ideas and new techniques for roasting and brewing as well as continually refine our skills in every aspect of coffee from roasting and storing to brewing and cupping. We are also committed to educating our customers about coffee as it pertains to them. Because of the delicate nature of specialty coffee and our commitment to quality we hold regular espresso training classes at our facility as well as regularly train the staff of our customers at their shops in brewing techniques and coffee handling.

It is often said in the specialty coffee industry that many hands touch specialty coffee along its journey from crop to cup and each hand must be dedicated to quality for the end user to really experience the potential of that coffee. Nothing could be truer and it is for this reason that we continually educate ourselves as well as our customers.

We are committed to paying our coffee farmers a fair price for their crop so they can support their families and live with dignity. We also believe in rewarding the coffee farmers that do an exceptional job by paying even higher prices which we believe further promotes quality.

We are committed to supporting our local community. No only do we want to give back to the wonderful folks that support us, but we also believe that a community is a collective effort and every helping hand makes a difference. So even though we are a small company and our impact may not be grand we are committed to doing our part.

Corsair Coffee was founded on the principle of family values and a sense of pride. It is the founders belief that everyone has a strength and if fostered can lead to superior productivity in the workplace as well as a sense of gratification for the individual. It is also, the founder’s requirement for every employee to be fully committed to quality, honesty, and superior customer service. Each employee is carefully chosen so that there is a company wide commitment to our values, to respect fellow employees and work as a team.